Every great product begins as an idea, which is then validated and developed into a minimum viable product by a dedicated team. The Zero to One series by Built by Africans seeks to explore the behind-the-scenes stories of entrepreneurs who have successfully taken their ideas from concept to launch.

This series will feature interviews with African founders who have turned their unique and ambitious ideas into successful businesses. We will be delving into the steps they took to validate their idea, build and take their MVPs to market. We’ll also be discussing the challenges they faced along the way and the lessons they learned.

Our goal is to provide inspiration and practical advice for entrepreneurs and startups looking to turn their own ideas into successful businesses. We believe that the stories of these founders can provide valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to navigate the often-difficult journey from zero to one.

In each post, we will be featuring a different founder and their unique story. We’ll explore the initial idea behind their company, how they validated it, the process of building their MVP, and taking it to market.

We hope that this series will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to turn their ideas into reality and we look forward to sharing these inspiring stories with you.

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